The following client statements are posted as a reference to give you insight into the connections and benefits experienced by clients.

"I think it's a miracle that I've found a coach who understands all the things I'm into...[Brad] guided me through everything from my job to commodities trading, my relationship to spirituality."

                                                                                    - Cris J., Senior Portfolio Manager, Connecticut

"Brad's coaching has made a tremendous difference in my effectiveness and awareness...Through our work together, I've learned how to become more aware of and thoughtful about my participation...as a leader and mentor."

                                                                                    - Mandi R., Director, Seattle, Washington

"Brad was an excellent resource to allow me to authenticate my values, beliefs, and passions into the corporate mission. Brad's approach is easy to understand and immediately actionable."

                                                                                    - Michael S., President, Vancouver, Washington

"Brad is a wealth of knowledge and wisdom. As he listens he is able to go right to the source of any challenge or opportunity. If you listen you will benefit immensely. I recommend Brad to anyone who doesn’t want to settle for just being good in any way. If you are a leader Brad will challenge you in a positive way if you can open yourself up to his gift."

                                                                                    - Ed Ferrigan, Portland, Oregon

"When my company was struggling, I knew that we needed some outside perspective to help grow us beyond our capabilities. I was fortunate enough to know Brad through BNI and felt that he would be a perfect resource for the staff. I am pleased to say that Brad has exceeded our expectations. Brad has been enormously helpful in getting the team to understand themselves and each other. Through Brad's coaching the team is learning how to listen and work together better than I ever expected possible. If you are an executive who has been struggling to grow your team and your business, seriously consider taking Brad Smith as your advisor. Even if you consider yourself a good leader, working with Brad can help you fine tune your leadership skills. Golden & Company has been thankful for his counsel and you will be too."


Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

                                                                                    - John Caughell, CEO owner, Vancouver, Washington