Strategic facilitation


"Good business leaders create a vision, articulate the vision, passionately own the vision, and relentlessly drive it to completion."
                         - Jack Welch

Strategic planning is a powerful leadership process. It can be used to inspire new energy in an organization for achieving a common vision.  If this visionary and tactical skill is done well it is inclusive, creative, insightful, and highly energizing as it sparks extraordinary accomplishment for company expansion.   


In strategic consulting our first step is to ask and listen for your vision and its clarity, feasibility, and strength. Then we listen for the gaps.  Then with dialog and support you and your executive team design your company’s future and define the tactical steps it will take for its achievement.

Strategic Facilitation services:

~ Assessment - market, competition, product/service, operations, R&D
~ Consulting – insight, ideation, conceptualization, creation
~ Facilitation – retreat preparation, retreat, and follow up
~ Implementation


Review of the current situation in the company, the industry, the market and with customers.  Interviewing key stakeholders.  Administration of standardized assessments and results review as needed.


Contribution of key concepts, insights, and specific ideas where possible to fit within the strategic plan being designed.  Consulting is part of the support for the strategic planning process. It includes retreat preparation, facilitation, and implementation follow up and happens continuously through the entire process. 


A facilitated retreat is often essential for the greater clarity and focus needed to optimize your organization’s strategic path development. We provide the guidance and atmosphere for the open curiosity, increased creativity, thorough dialog, and mutual understanding required. The enthusiasm generated throughout the two-three day retreat helps energize and bring clarity for defining and in the end achieving the short-term and long-term results sought.

Implementation support

Strategic plan implementation requires follow up. We have found that executive and organizational coaching on a slightly broader basis improves energy and outcomes.  This involves both individual and group coaching for focus, commitment, continued vision clarity, communication, and effective alignment to generate understanding and timely and precise accomplishment.


Sometimes required for effective Strategic Plan Implementation:

Leadership development

Every leader has another level of excellence to pursue.  This offers the crafting and collaborative design of individual programs for leadership evolution and capability improvement.

Succession planning

Who will lead the company, division, group next?  What skills do they need?  What capabilities will that specific individual require?  How will a smooth transition to the next leader be accomplished?  These questions are asked, answered, and supported.

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