Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching Process

Is your company good or great? Is there a difference between your organization today and the potential you want to achieve? If you want more, we can help.

Great athletes have always used coaches to refine their skills and achieve repeated success.

Business leaders, like you use coaching to improve:

  • Leadership
  • Performance
  • Quality of life
  • The bottom line

Coaching is a process that offers insight and perspectives that catalyze new opportunities for you. At Braelyn we offer both executive and group coaching to help you achieve changing from good to great.

Client-Coach Partnership

Coaching is a partnership between the client and the coach that creates results. Together we explore your existing goals and visions for you and for your organization. We examine the current reality. Then we discover the skills and actions necessary to move from your present situation to the desired achievements. Part of the transformation is tactical. This aspect includes marketing, effectiveness, strategic planning, and balance. Some of the transformation is actual personal belief systems that need changing to allow growth in the organization. We work at both levels with our clients. We offer the honesty, directness, insight and support needed for each transition. Some client successes have been exactly what was wanted, other successes have been profound.

Take advantage of the competitive edge that the coaching partnership creates and watch your vision appear. Contact us today for a free introductory session.

The Three Types of Executive Coaching

Tactical coaching: What regular habit could you use moment by moment to build the accomplishments you want to see next year?

Leadership perspective coaching: What good perspective keeps you and your organization from becoming great?

Strategic vision and implementation coaching:

How do you build a vision and focus in the hearts and minds of your employees so that striving is the company’s cultural norm. As an executive, how do you build a great company?

How do you take your currently good company and build it into an exceptional thriving enduring organization?

How do you evolve your company’s ability into achieving consistent extraordinary results that last beyond you, beyond your generation of executives, employees, and customers and beyond your current market conditions into the future?

At Braelyn we coach our client CEOs and executives to achieve companies of Enduring Excellence.

We help you hone your insights, vision, ambition, and passion to develop the wisdom that allows you to accomplish the almost impossible.

We take your best and through listening, questioning, partnering, and challenging, help you achieve.

We help good CEOs and executives become exceptional leaders.